Bring It Back: Nas – My Will (Honeymoon Is Over)

“Nas a legend ‘fore BIG and Pac left us.”

Cast back to New York stalwart Nas releasing his debut album, Illmatic, Hip Hop fans were captivated by his insightful wordplay and compelling storytelling of the harsh realities of the streets and the structure of society. Illmatic “the Don Corleone of rap” if you will, grimey yet sophisticated. 11 years later, Nas resurrects with “My Will” (Off The Alchemist’s The Cutting Room Floor 2), a song that reflects lyrical talent and wit. Nas always leaves a formidable impression. “My Will” is one of my favorite songs from QB’s finest post Illmatic. He finds himself gracing one of my favorite producers, an Alan The Chemist creation. Whenever Esco finds himself hungry, he delivers a body of work with the potential to be heralded a classic. “My Will” has Nasty Nas proving his reign as one of the greatest to ever bless a mic. The lyrics speak volumes and the sounds speak for itself. You can’t question the mark that he’s left on Hip Hop. Nas is a living legend. What could’ve been a verse on Illmatic, transpired into one of the greatest verses in history.

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