IamSu! and Problem Talk MDA Tour, Solo Projects & More

Recently, I engaged in a refreshing conversation with IamSu! and Problem in the middle of their Million Dollar Afro tour… and we chopped it up after their in-store appearance at the Getta Clue clothing store. During our convo, IamSu! divulged information about his highly anticipated mixtape Kilt 2, his voyage into the realm of music production and what its like to receive support from popular artists such as Wiz Khalifa. Following that, Problem shares details about his connection with Henry Wrinkler, better known as “The Fonz” from Happy Days, the mission statement behind his Separation mixtape, and a little known gem about an old track he recorded with TDE’s Schoolboy Q. IamSu’s Kilt 2 is scheduled for release June 6th and Problem’s The Separation is coming soon.

Shot & Edited by CoopFilms.

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